Lady Jeyne Lannister, née Marbrand, was a member of House Marbrand, wife of Tytos Lannister, and mother of Tywin and Kevan Lannister.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Jeyne Marbrand was the daughter of Lord Alyn Marbrand. She was married to Tytos Lannister in 235 AC, in a double ceremony with Tytos's older brother Tion Lannister, who married Ellyn Reyne.

Tion died the following year leaving Ellyn Reyne a widow. Ellyn tried to seduce Tytos, but he did not go through with the act; instead Tytos went to Jeyne and confessed it all. Jeyne forgave her husband, but not Ellyn. Jeyne went to her father-in-law, Lord Gerold Lannister, who married Ellyn off to Walderan Tarbeck, thereby removing her from Casterly Rock.

Jeyne remained and gave birth to five children in total. In 242 AC, she birthed Tytos a son Tywin. Two years later she gave birth to Kevan, and the year after that a daughter Genna. Jeyne also had another son, Tygett.

Giving birth in 255 AC for the fifth time, Jeyne delivered a healthy son Gerion, but she died within a moon's turn. Tytos had always been known as the Laughing Lion, but his grief over Jeyne's death affected him deeply, and Tytos was never referred to by that title again in his life.

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