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House Wylde
House Wylde

"My queen, there was no need to sully you with darkling schemes."
―Jasper Wylde, to Alicent Hightower[src]

Lord Jasper Wylde, known as Ironrod, is the head of House Wylde. Late in the reign of King Viserys I Targaryen, he joined the Small Council, occupying the post of Master of Laws, a position he continues to hold under Aegon II Targaryen.



Lord Jasper Wylde of the Rain House joined the Small Council to replace Lord Lyonel Strong in the post of master of laws.[1]

House of the Dragon: Season 1[]

By 126 AC,[a] Jasper has become the new Master of Laws[1] to fill the spot vacated by Lyonel Strong after his appointment to Hand of the King. During a session of the Small Council regarding the Stepstones, he wonders aloud about the location of Prince Daemon, sarcastically correcting himself by calling Daemon King as "he won a battle there once." At the end of the meeting, Jasper stands up to leave the room, but Rhaenyra interjects and tells the council to wait in order to make a proposition to Queen Alicent Hightower.[2]

In 132 AC,[b] during the time of Alicent's regency, Jasper is present at the Small Council meeting, briefly discussing the succession of Driftmark. In counter to Lyman Beesbury's stance that Lucerys is the rightful heir, Jasper argues that Corlys never formally named Lucerys as his heir. Later he listens to Lyman Beesbury's "exhaustive" accounting of the realm's finances.[4]

Lord Jasper is part of the Green Council. When Alicent demands to know why she was not informed of the plot to crown her son Aegon, Jasper replies that they did not want to sully her with "darkling schemes." Jasper also asserts that their plotting is now irrelevant since Viserys ostensibly changed his mind on his heir, angering Lyman Beesbury. Jasper supports the plan to crown Aegon as king and assassinate Rhaenyra and her family to eliminate her rival claim. When he tries to persuade Alicent of the benefit of such an act, she angrily silences Jasper by threatening to strip him of his position and have him exiled to the Wall.[3]

Jasper is later present in the Dragonpit during Aegon's coronation, standing on the stage with the rest of the Green Council.[3]

House of the Dragon: Season 2[]

Jasper is present during a session of the Green Council. When Dowager Queen Alicent questions Grand Maester Orwyle whether Rhaenyra has responded to her letters, Jasper cynically asks if one was an apology for her dead son.[5]

In the wake of the murder of Prince Jaehaerys, when King Aegon insists on blaming his half-sister Rhaenyra for his son's death, Jasper insists they need to be certain the prince's murder was Rhaenyra's handiwork and not that of some unknown enemy. The comment prompts Aegon to round on him, accusing Jasper and the other members of the Green Council of potentially being traitors until Otto Hightower defuses the situation.[6]

At the first meeting of the Green Council following the appointment of Ser Criston Cole to the post of Hand of the King, when Cole and King Aegon discuss the appointment of his friends, Sers Martyn Reyne, Leon Estermont and Eddard Waters, to the Kingsguard following the resignation of Ser Harrold Westerling, the defections of Sers Erryk Cargyll, Lorent Marbrand and Steffon Darklyn, and the death of Ser Arryk Cargyll, Jasper mutters that Arryk's death during his botched assassination attempt on Rhaenyra was a needless loss. The Council discusses the aftermath of the Battle of the Burning Mill; Jasper insists Houses Blackwood and Bracken are using the succession crisis to continue their age old feud, only for Aegon to angrily insist that both his faction and the Blacks will consider it an act of war. When Grand Maester Orwyle proposes sending a raven to Lord Grover Tully at Riverrun to rein in his bannermen, Jasper insultingly derides Grover as an old man with little to no control over his bannermen. King Aegon asks Jasper to provide an alternative; Jasper suggests sending word to Lord Ormund Hightower to bring his army, along with Aegon's younger brother, Prince Daeron and his dragon, against the Blackwoods, only for Ser Tyland Lannister to dismiss the proposal, insisting it will take months for Ormund to muster his host, whereas Tyland's brother, Lord Jason Lannister is assembling the armies of the Westerlands at Casterly Rock, a force which will be ready to march in a matter of weeks. [7]


Spoken by Jasper[]

Alicent: "My letters to Rhaenyra, has there been any answer?"
Jasper: "An apology for her dead son?"
— Alicent and Jasper, referring to Lucerys Velaryon[src]

Behind the scenes[]

Jasper Wylde's character description for Season 2 reads as follows:

"The master of laws on King Aegon II’s small council."[8]

In the books[]

In Fire & Blood, Jasper Wylde was called Ironrod by the smallfolk due to his unbending attitudes to law, according to Septon Eustace. According to the court fool Mushroom, it referred to the stiffness of his member, as he had fathered 29 children with four wives before the last died of exhaustion.




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  2. The premise of "The Lord of the Tides" opens with "six years later." The previous episode takes place in 126 AC.

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