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"The other one is Jafer Flowers, my lord."
Othell Yarwyck to Jeor Mormont[src]

Jafer Flowers was a ranger of the Night's Watch and was killed while beyond the Wall. His body was found and returned to Castle Black.



Jafer Flowers is a ranger in the Night's Watch. His name, Flowers, suggests that he was a bastard from the Reach before joining the Watch. He and Othor accompanied Benjen Stark's ranging mission beyond the Wall. Both Jafar and Othor are killed while on this mission.

Season 1

Jon Snow's direwolf, Ghost, finds Jafer's severed hand in the Haunted Forest.[1] The corpses of Othor and the rest of Jafer Flowers are found beyond the Wall by Samwell Tarly, Jon and a party led by Othell Yarwyck. They return the corpses to Castle Black and suggest they be burned, but Lord Commander Jeor Mormont decides to let Maester Aemon examine them first.[2]

At night, the corpses rise as wights. While Othor attacks Lord Commander Mormont, Flowers causes trouble elsewhere before being put down and burned. Both bodies are re-burned the next day, to be sure. Samwell notes that according to a book he found in Aemon's library, the touch of the White Walkers can animate the dead.[2]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Jafer Flowers's background is the same as in the show.

Jafer's wight attacked the main castle garrison. It killed five men, among them Ser Jaremy Rykker, and continued to attack even after having its head cut off - it was only subdued after being chopped to pieces by a dozen swordsmen.

Unlike in the series, when the bodies of Othor and Jafer were brought to Castle Black, both corpses had blue eyes - different from the eye color they had in their lives.

Jafer's severed hand, which was torn by Ghost, continued to twitch and stir long after Jafer was destroyed. Alliser Thorne took it to King's Landing, but it had rotted away while he was waiting for an audience.

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