"The Temple of the Moonsingers is the foremost of these, being the faith of the slave women whose prophecies led our ancestors here. The Lord of Light has a great temple as well, for his worshippers have grown more numerous in the past hundred years. Yet, less numerous and even some forgotten faiths still have temples deep in the heart of the city on the Isle of the Gods."
Tycho Nestoris[src]

The Isle of the Gods is an island located at the heart of Braavos. It houses temples for its religious citizens who do not worship in the Temple of the Moonsingers or the Temple of the Lord of Light.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Isle of the Gods is located at the center of Braavos near the junction of the Canal of Heroes and the Long Canal. It is named for the fact that its vicinity holds many temples and shrines. It is surrounded by major temples, with the Temple of the Lord of Light, the Temple of the Moonsingers to the northwest, the House of Black and White to the south and the Sept-Beyond-the-Sea to the southwest. Among the places of worship located on the Isle of Faces are shrines to the Weeping Woman and the Great Shepherd.

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