"The slavers keep their captives in caves in the Isle of Tears."
Euron Greyjoy[src]

The Isle of Tears is the largest of the Basilisk Isles, an island chain off the north coast of Sothoryos infested with vile pirate-dens.[1]

In the books

The largest of the Basilisks, the Isle of Tears is one of the few that isn't just a rocky outcropping but has some interior to speak of, though it is not very hospitable: beyond the coasts, the isle contains steep-sided valleys filled with hidden black bogs set between rugged flint hills, with twisted windswept rocks.

There are a few ruins from some lost ancient civilization on the Isle of Tears, Isle of Toads, and Ax Isle, of which those on the Isle of Toads are most prominent. If any from this indigenous civilization survived the Dawn Age they were later totally wiped out by later waves of pirates that settled the isles.

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