Innkeeper: "Please. She's a good girl."
Polliver: "Shut your mouth and pour us more ale, and we may not take her with us when we're done with her!"
— The innkeeper pleads Polliver not to let his men harm his daughter[src]
An ​innkeeper runs an inn in the Riverlands.


Season 4

When Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane arrive at his inn, the innkeeper is begging Polliver to stop his men from raping his daughter. Polliver tells him to shut up and pour them more ale, and they may not take her with them when they are done with her. The innkeeper reluctantly pours them more ale. He and his daughter narrowly escape the battle between the Hound, Polliver and his men.[1]


Season Four appearances
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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the scene takes place in the Inn at the Crossroads. The innkeeper who runs the place at that time is Masha Heddle's nephew. There is no mentioning that he is related to the girl who sits in Polliver's lap.

Sandor warns the innkeeper that Polliver and the Tickler - who is still alive at this point, though Arya kills him in the ensuing fight - will kill him for his money, instead of paying for their drinks. This causes the innkeeper, the girl and the other people to leave the room, realizing that a brawl is imminent.

When Brienne encounters three of the Brave Companions (Timeon, Pyg and Shagwell), they tell her that Rorge killed the innkeeper after he told them about the bloody brawl in the inn.

This innkeeper's story is more similar to a story Arya hears Chiswyck, one of the Mountain's men, telling at Harrenhal. He recalls that after the Tourney of the Hand Ser Gregor Clegane and his men gang raped Layna, the daughter of the keeper of an inn on the Goldroad. Chiswyck estimates her to have been eighteen at the time of the rape, but Rafford corrects him by stating that she was only thirteen. The men find this hilarious, which angers Arya and influences her to name Chiswyck as the first to be killed by Jaqen H'ghar.


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