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This page is about the blacksmith. For other uses, see: Hugh (disambiguation)

Hugh is a blacksmith from King's Landing living during the Dance of the Dragons.[2]



Hugh is married to a woman named Kat, with whom he has a daughter. His daughter is sick and he is trying to make ends meet for her.[1]

House of the Dragon: Season 2[]

After the outbreak of the Dance of the Dragons, Hugh, along with the other blacksmiths of King's Landing, is commissioned by the Crown to begin manufacturing weapons, including scorpions, in preparation for an impending attack on the city. However, the rising cost of iron causes the work to stall, and Hugh presents himself at court to ask for payment in advance of his work from King Aegon II, a request which the king grants, despite the reservations of his Hand, Ser Otto Hightower.[3]

After successfully petitioning King Aegon II for funds, Hugh returns home to nurse his ailing daughter. He shares the news of the Crown's impending payment with his wife, Kat, but is incensed by the selfishness of some among the citizens of King's Landing, who hoard supplies for themselves at the cost of the most needy.[4]

Hugh, who has not yet been paid, is among the citizens who see the decapitated head of the dragon Meleys, killed in Rook's Nest. A friend of his is incredulous at the dragon's death, commenting that dragons were supposed to be gods, but Hugh denies this and says they are made of flesh.[5]

After returning home to take care of her family, Kat tells Hugh that they must flee the city, as she fears Rhaenyra's retaliation; she proposes that they flee to Tumbleton where she has a brother, but Hugh doesn't want to live as a beggar. When Kat says that they are already begging for money, Hugh reminds his wife that he obtained the promise of payment from King Aegon II, but Kat tells Hugh that Aegon lied and that they will not be paid, and that if they continue living based on empty promises, their daughter, who needs food and medicine, will end up dying.[5]

Hugh listens to Kat and the family tries to flee through one of the city gates, but the gold cloaks block it and demand that the crowd disperse by order of Prince Aemond Targaryen, whom they call prince regent and Protector of the Realm. Kat and another commoner ask if Aemond is king now, to which Hugh replies that he doesn't know.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

On December 2, 2023, HBO announced that Kieran Bew had been cast in the role of Hugh for House of the Dragon: Season 2.[2] His character description reads as follows:

"A blacksmith from King’s Landing trying to make ends meet for his sick daughter."[1]

In the books[]

In Fire & Blood, Hugh Hammer, also known as "Hugh the Hammer" or "Hard Hugh," was the bastard son of a blacksmith of Dragonstone. He was of imposing stature and strong enough to twist steel bars with his bare hands.

There is no mention in Fire & Blood that Hugh was married or had a daughter.




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