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House of the Dragon Official Guide

The House of the Dragon Official Guide[1] is a website for the HBO series.

Character Guide[]

Major houses[]

House Targaryen[]

Jaehaerys I Targaryen[]

King Jaehaerys, known commonly as the Old King, reigned over the realm for nearly six decades of peace and prosperity. Father to thirteen children, unfortunate tragedy claimed both his sons and heirs, leaving the question of his succession as a cause for unrest. Calling upon a Great Council to choose his heir peacefully, his grandson Viserys Targaryen was named his successor.[2]

Personal Item: Jaehaerys I's Crown[]

Jaehaerys I Targaryen, the fourth king of the Targaryen dynasty, was the longest-reigning king in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. His crown of yellow gold is a symbol of his reign and in turn a representation of harmony in the realm.[2]

Dragon: Vermithor[]

Like many Targaryens that came before him, Jaehaerys I was a dragonrider and rode Vermithor. Discover more dragons with the Dragon Index.[2]

Map of the Known World[]

Dragon Index[]


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