House Tarwick is a noble house from Westeros. The lord and only known member of the house is Garibald Tarwick. Due to the little references we were given on the game is difficult to deduct the House location. Neither the Coat of arms or the Lord's Heraldry had been revealed.

Despite that Lord Tarwick has revealed that he has assisted the Tourney at Lannisport held by House Lannister. This fact plus his familiarity with the Lannister line (he recognized Lyman Lannister as a third cousin) we can theorize that they are sworn to House Lannister.

The house seems to be also in good relation with House Baratheon of King's Landing being Lord Tarwick invited to both the Royal Wedding as well as the Coronation of King Tommen I.


"The Sword in the Darkness"

Lord Garibald Tarwick was invited to the royal wedding.



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