House Rowan of Goldengrove is a vassal house that holds fealty to Lord Bronn of Highgarden. Their seat is Goldengrove, which is located north of Highgarden.    

In the books

In the  A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Rowan is a powerful family and one of the most powerful families of The Reach. Their dominions extend all along the northern borders. The Rowans hold the titles Marshall of the Northmarch. The Rowans trace their descents from Garth Greenhand, through his daughter Rowan Gold-Tree. The House is ruled by Lord Mathis Rowan.


  • Lord Mathis Rowan, Lord of Goldengrove, Marshall of the Northmarch.
    • Lady Bethany Redwyne, his wife.
      • His three unnamed children, one of whom is a girl.

With unspecified familiar relations with the lord of the house:

  • Rhonda Rowan, married to Ser Baelor Hightower, heir to the Hightower

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