"House Payne provides us loyal servants."
―Lord Tywin Lannister[src]

House Payne is a vassal house that holds fealty to House Lannister of Casterly Rock. It is divided into several branches.

House Payne's heraldry consists of purple and white chequy with gold coins in the checks.


In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Payne is noted as a valued vassal of the Lannisters. Ser Ilyn Payne was a loyal and stalwart warrior in the service of Lord Tywin Lannister and commander of his personal guard. His tongue was torn out with hot pincers at the order of the Mad King after Ilyn was overheard suggesting that Tywin really ruled the realm (as Hand of the King) rather than the insane monarch. Tywin wasn't in a position to protest. After the rebellion overthrew the Mad King, Robert Baratheon made Ilyn the King's Justice (head executioner) as a favor to Tywin Lannister.

Podrick Payne is the only other member of the family to appear. He is a very distant cousin of Ser Ilyn's from a different branch of the family. Podrick Payne initially serves as Tyrion Lannister's squire; during the Battle of the Blackwater, he saves Tyrion from being killed by Ser Mandon Moore of the Kingsguard. After Tyrion escapes from prison, Pod looks for him but eventually joins Brienne of Tarth in her search for Sansa and becomes her squire.

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