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"There are more than three other Houses in the North — Glover, Mormont, Cerwyn, Mazin, Hornwood. Two dozen more. Together they equal all the others. We can start small and build."
Jon Snow to Sansa Stark and Davos Seaworth[src]

House Mazin is a noble house in the North. They blazon their arms with blue and white chequy with gold plates inside the blue.


Season 5

Samwell Tarly presents some paperwork to Lord Commander Jon Snow consisting of requests to various noble houses to send new recruits to the Night's Watch. Few Houses can spare any men during the War of the Five Kings so the Watch is left scraping the bottom of the barrel: the requests are mostly to minor lords that Jon says he hasn't even heard of, including Lord Ashford, Lady Caulfield, Lord Smallwood, Lord Mazin, and Lord Wibberley.[1]

Season 6

While making plans to retake the North, Jon Snow lists the Mazins as one of the Houses that have not yet declared for the Boltons, along with the Hornwoods, Cerwyns, Mormonts, and Glovers. Jon and Sansa decide they must appeal to these lesser Houses first.[2]

The sigil of House Mazin is shown in the Stark battle camp (bottom right).

Jon and Sansa are successful in recruiting House Mazin to their cause against House Bolton. They supply 143 fighting men.[3]

Mazin men fight alongside Jon Snow during the Battle of the Bastards, and are victorious.[4]


Behind the scenes

Just as the "House Caulfield" and "House Wibberley" mentioned in the same scene are inside references (to producer Bernadette Caulfield and the scriptwriters Cormac and Marianne Wibberley respectively), the name "Mazin" is a reference to Craig Mazin, a friend of showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who gave them advice upon seeing the pilot episode that led them to refilm it.

In "Sons of the Harpy," the on-screen subtitles misspell the name as "Mayzen." Bryan Cogman later confirmed that the correct spelling in the script is "Mazin."[5] In "The Door," the name is spelled correctly in the subtitles as "Mazin."

When asked, Craig Mazin said the words of House Mazin are "sooner or later, we will enrage you". He also stated that he knows what the blue and white checked pattern with the gold roundels means, but did not divulge the meaning.[6]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is no mention of any House Mazin. The show itself makes a joke about this, when Jon Snow remarks in "Sons of the Harpy" that he has "never even heard of these people."