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"Even when the Riverlands finally united under the kings of House Justman, the unusual silence of peace attracted the Stormlords, Westermen and those bloody ironborn to try and take our grain, gold and women."
Brynden Tully[src]

House Justman is an extinct great house that once ruled the Riverlands as Kings of the Rivers and Hills.


House Justman successfully united the Riverlands, though it was not a peaceful reign, as the region still came under attack by forces from the Stormlands, the Westerlands and the Iron Islands.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Justman was founded after the Andal Invasion by Benedict Rivers, a bastard from Houses Blackwood and Bracken. He defeated the kings of the Trident over thirty years, crowning himself afterwards. He was a wise king, becoming known as Benedict the Just, which inspired the name of House Justman. He extended his rule to Maidenpool and the Neck, while his son Benedict II spread his to Duskendale, Rosby and the mouth of Blackwater Rush.

House Justman ruled for almost three hundred years, with King Bernarr II being the last of its line. Bernarr II's sons were murdered by King Qhored Hoare, the King of the Iron Islands, in the Guest Keep of Pyke, which was afterwards known as the Bloody Keep. Bernarr rose against the ironborn but was defeated, with the Riverlands falling into anarchy for the next century.

The Riverlands were eventually conquered by the Storm King Arlan III Durrandon, with various pretenders unsuccessfully claiming to be river kings. Among them was Lucifer Justman, whose blood relation to House Justman was never confirmed.

Semi-canon sources claim their sigil to be golden scales within a blue a double tressure on a white field.

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