House Inchfield is a vassal house from the Reach that holds fealty to Bronn's house, and formerly held fealty to House Tyrell.


Season 8

While Ser Brienne of Tarth flicks through the pages of The Book of Brothers, she reads that Lucas Inchfield, known as "Longinch", was slain in personal combat by Ser Duncan the Tall whilst championing for Lady Rohanne Webber.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Inchfield is a noble house from the Reach. Their blazon is a bend sinister, chequy black and white on a pale grey field.

Only one a member of House Inchfield is mentioned in the novels - Ser Owen Inchfield. In A Feast for Crows, Brienne recalls that he participated in a wager to take her maidenhead and attempted to take it by force; he kissed her without permission, and she knocked him into a cookfire.

Known members

  • Ser Owen Inchfield

Historical members

  • Ser Lucas Inchfield (known as Lucas Longinch for his height), the castellan at Coldmoat. Killed by Ser Duncan the Tall

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