House Hunter of Longbow Hall is a vassal house from the Vale. It holds fealty to House Arryn. It is one of the major houses in the Vale of Arryn. Its head is Lord Eon Hunter.


Eon Hunter

Lord Eon Hunter, the current head of House Hunter.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Hunter are loyal bannermen of House Arryn. Their seat is Longbow Hall and their sigil is five silver arrows, fanned, on a brown field.


  • Lord Eon Hunter, Lord of Longbow Hall. An old man with gouty legs, who has been ruling his house for sixty years, known as Old Lord Hunter.
    • Ser Gilwood Hunter, his first son and heir.
    • Ser Eustace Hunter, his second son.
    • Ser Harlan Hunter, his third son.

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