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House Haigh is a knightly house from the Riverlands sworn to House Frey.


Season 4

Davos Seaworth reports to Stannis Baratheon he has managed to secure the support of some noble houses, among them House Haigh.[1]

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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Haigh is a loyal vassal of House Frey. Their sigil is a black pitchfork on a golden bar sinister on russet. They participate in the Red Wedding, fighting on the side of their liege lords.

Known members

  • Ser Leslyn Haigh, a knight. Lost half an ear while capturing Greatjon Umber.
    • Lady Perriane Frey, his wife.
      • Ser Harys Haigh, his eldest son and heir.
        • ​Walder Haigh, Ser Harys's son.
      • Ser Donnel Haigh, his second son.
      • Alyn Haigh, a squire.

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