House Goodbrother is a vassal house from the Iron Islands that holds fealty to House Greyjoy. Their seat is Hammerhorn, a castle located on the Hardstone Hills of the island of Great Wyk, the largest of the Iron Isles.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Goodbrother is one of the most powerful houses from Great Wyk. Their keep of Hammerhorn is inland, in the Hardstone Hills, and their wealth not coming from the sea but from their mines. Their blazon is a gold-banded black warhorn on red. Their current lord is Gorold Goodbrother.

Aeron Greyjoy has a certain disdain for the Goodbrothers, because their keep is far from the sea and due to the sources of their wealth.

House Goodbrother also has three cadet branches: House Goodbrother of Downdelving, House Goodbrother of Crow Spike Keep, and House Goodbrother of Corpse Lake.

House Goodbrother briefly ruled the Iron Islands as Iron Kings. After a King of House Greyiron died, his brother called a kingsmoot while the King's son, Torgon, was away. However, Urragon Goodbrother was chosen instead. Urragon then killed all of the late King's family, becoming known as "Badbrother".

However, Torgon returned after two years and declared the kingsmoot unlawful since he wasnt' present to put forth his candidacy, as was his right. Due to Urragon's cruelty, the ironborn and the Drowned Men rose against Urragon and raised Torgon to kingship.

In the fourth novel, Lord Gorold informs Aeron about Balon's death, and that Euron seized the Seastone Chair. The maester of the Goodbrothers claims that Theon is the rightful heir, but Aeron dismisses that scornfully, stating the ironborn are not bound to the Green land laws. At the kingsmoot, Gorold initially supports Victarion, but eventually votes for Euron.

Known members

  • Gorold Goodbrother, Lord of Hammerhorn
    • Gysella Goodbrother, his daughter
    • Gwin Goodbrother, his daughter
    • Ten more daughters
    • Greydon Goodbrother, his eldest son and heir. First of the Goodbrother triplets
    • Gormond Goodbrother, his second son and second of the Goodbrother triplets
    • Gran Goodbrother, his third son and third of the Goodbrother triplets

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