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"You forget the Glenmores. You'd be wed to Elaena Glenmore already if not for the war. And her father is no coward."
Elissa Forrester on House Glenmore's loyalty to House Forrester[src]

House Glenmore of Rillwater Crossing is a noble house from the Rills in the North of Westeros.



The Glenmores have significant ties to House Tyrell, though according to Elaena, she herself has never been personally written to by Lady Margaery. The Glenmores are also on relatively good terms with House Forrester, and Elaena was betrothed to Rodrik Forrester before the War of the Five Kings broke out. Their forces seem to have not been majorly affected by the Red Wedding. According to Master Ortengryn, the Glenmores have cousins on the Riverlands.

"The Lost Lords"

A recently returned Rodrik meets with Elaena at Ironrath in order to secure the betrothal, largely so that the Glenmores' army will become oathbound to Rodrik, allowing the Forresters to retaliate against House Whitehill. However, Lord Glenmore had asked Elaena to reconsider, given what had recently happened to the Forresters. Depending on player choice, Rodrik may either win or lose the betrothal.[1]

"The Sword in the Darkness"

Duncan Tuttle mentions that Rodrik either gained the aid of the Glenmores or lost it. Royland Degore also mentions if you gained their help that their forces aren't available to the Forresters until after the wedding.[2]

"Sons of Winter"

Elaena and her brother Arthur Glenmore visit Ironrath, to treat with Rodrik on matters of Gryff Whitehill, who is now betrothed to Elaena after Lord Ludd Whitehill threatened Lord Glenmore that unless Elaena marries Gryff, they would be slaughtered along with the Forresters, which Glenmore agreed to. Elaena asks that Rodrik aid them in taking down Gryff, and in exchange the Elite Guard of House Glenmore will be his to command. The guard helps Rodrik imprison the Whitehill Garrison of Ironrath. Rodrik can bring the Glenmores to Highpoint, or leave them to defend Ironrath.

Upon returning to Ironrath, with the guard, Ironrath is found abandoned. Arthur begins a search for his sister. If Rodrik did not bring the guard to Ironrath he will instead find arrows and puddles of blood, indicating a battle.[3]

"A Nest of Vipers"

Ramsay Snow flays Arthur Glenmore and sends the guard home. Elaena becomes very distraught at this. Rodrik can comfort Elaena, either letting her rest by herself or join her. If you join her, later in the episode, Elaena will be in Rodrik's bed. If you let her rest, Rodrik states she can stay at Ironrath as long as she likes.[4]



  • The Elite Guard, Lord Glenmore's personal bodyguards.

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