"Wild lemons on a purple field: House Dalt of Lemonwood"
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House Dalt of Lemonwood is a knightly house which holds fealty to House Martell of Dorne. Their seat is at Lemonwood.

House Dalt's heraldry contains yellow wild lemons strewn on a purple field.


Season 4

House Dalt banner (front left) - wild yellow lemons on a purple field.

A House Dalt banner is seen amongst the delegation of Dornish lords who accompany Prince Oberyn Martell to King's Landing. Podrick Payne identifies their banner by name.[1]

Known members

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Dalt's seat is at Lemonwood, located on the southern bank of the mouth of the Greenblood River. As a result, they are "Salty Dornishmen": when the Rhoynar migrated to Dorne a thousand years ago, they primarily settled around the coasts and river valleys, and in these places their bloodlines had the largest impact. Salty Dornishmen tend to have olive skin, dark hair and eyes, and somewhat short but lithe stature. The coasts of Dorne also enjoy a fair amount of trade with the nearby Free Cities across the Narrow Sea.

The heraldry of House Dalt apparently refers to the fact that Dorne, the southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms, is the only region in Westeros where citrus fruits grow. The lemons for Sansa Stark's lemon cakes have to be imported from Dorne.

House Dalt is a knightly House, not a lordly House (meaning they do not have the authority to dispense justice and executions). However, they are still considered one of the more powerful Houses from Dorne.

The members of House Dalt at the time of the novels are:

  • Ser Deziel Dalt, the Knight of Lemonwood.
  • Ser Andrey Dalt, his brother and heir. Called Drey.

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