"My father's house was once mighty, like House Forrester. But his loyalty to the Targaryens cost us dearly. I watched as countless of our kin fell, saw our lands destroyed, everything we clung to was ripped from our hands."
Elissa Branfield explains the fate of her house.[src]

House Branfield is a minor noble house from the south of Westeros. They were noted Targaryen loyalists. After the fall of House Targaryen, House Branfield lost all its lands and titles, with most of its members killed or exiled. Today, only one known member of House Branfield is still alive, Malcolm Branfield.



House Branfield is a minor southern house. They fought for House Targaryen during Robert's Rebellion, after which all of their lands and titles were taken from them. Elissa Branfield had married Gregor Forrester, heir to House Forrester of Ironrath, some time before the rebellion. She was torn between the loyalty of both houses, despite being married to Lord Gregor but ultimately chose House Forrester. Elissa's brother, Malcolm fought bravely along with his brothers during the war, but never married or fathered any children, ensuring the eventual extinction of the house. Since Elissa's daughter Mira is a lady in waiting to Margery Tyrell, it is possible that House Branfield was originally from The Reach (especially as the Tyrells were Targaryen supporters during Robert's Rebellion). [1]

​"Iron From Ice"

House Branfield ​is not mentioned in Iron From Ice but their name can be first seen in the codex page. 

​"The Lost Lords"

Lady Elissa reminisces about how her father's house was once a mighty house like House Forrester, but their loyalty to House Targaryen cost them dearly, which resulted in most of the house being killed.


Family Tree

Lord Branfield

Branfield sons
Malcolm Branfield Tree
Malcolm Branfield
Gregor Forrester Tree
Gregor Forrester House-Forrester-Main-Shield
Elissa Forrester Tree
Elissa Branfield
Rodrik Tree
Rodrik Forrester House-Forrester-Main-Shield
Elaena Tree
Elaena Glenmore House-Glenmore-Shield
(player-determined betrothal)
Asher Tree

Asher Forrester House-Forrester-Main-Shield

Rickard Morgryn Tree

Rickard Morgryn

(player-determined betrothal)
Mira Forrester Tree
Mira Forrester House-Forrester-Main-Shield
Ethan Forrester Tree
Ethan Forrester House-Forrester-Main-Shield
Talia Forrester Tree
Talia Forrester House-Forrester-Main-Shield
Ryon Forrester Tree
Ryon Forrester House-Forrester-Main-Shield

In the books

Unlike Houses Whitehill and Forrester, which both appear in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Branfield is an invention of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.


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