"A vulture grasping a baby in its talons: House Blackmont."
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House Blackmont of Blackmont is a vassal house which holds fealty to the House Martell of Dorne. Their seat is the eponymous castle of Blackmont.

House Blackmont's sigil is a flying vulture proper, with a baby in its talons, on a black field.



The Blackmonts were among the houses defeated by Mors Martell and Nymeria during Nymeria's War, and King Benedict Blackmont was sent to the Wall in golden chains.[1]

Season 4

401 Dornish heraldry

House Blackmont banner (at right) - A flying grey and white vulture, grasping a baby in its talons, on a black field.

A House Blackmont banner is seen amongst the delegation of Dornish lords who accompany Prince Oberyn Martell to King's Landing. Podrick identifies their banner by name.[2]


  • Lord Blackmont, head of the house and Lord of Blackmont

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Blackmont's castle-seat (also named Blackmont) is located in the far west of Dorne, in the Red Mountains. It is further up the Torentine River from Starfall (seat of House Dayne), which is located closer to the river's mouth.

As a result, the Blackmonts have very little Rhoynar ancestry, as the Rhoynar primarily settled in the eastern river-valleys of Dorne. The noble Houses from the Red Mountains descend primarily from the same First Men/Andal ethnic mix as most of the rest of southern Westeros, and thus tend to be light-haired and light-skinned, compared with the coastal Houses that descend primarily from the Rhoynar (such as the Martells), who are much darker-skinned. The dark-skinned coastal Dornishmen descended mostly from the Rhoynar are known as "salty Dornishmen", while the light-skinned First Men/Andal descended Houses of the western mountains are known as "Stony Dornishmen".

The members of House Blackmont at the time of the novels are:

  • Lady Larra Blackmont, Lady of Blackmont.
    • Jynessa Blackmont, her daughter. Heir to Blackmont.
    • Perros Blackmont, her son. A squire.

Due to the equal primogeniture system of Dorne, Lady Larra rules House Blackmont in her own right, inherited from her parents. The other regions of the Seven Kingdoms predominantly follow male-preference primogeniture, in which daughters only inherit if they have no surviving brothers (who also left no progeny); thus while daughters do still sometimes succeed to rule noble Houses in other regions of Westeros it is uncommon.

House Blackmont's Heraldry is different in the books, in which it is a black vulture grasping a baby in its talons, on a gold background. In the TV series, it is a grey and white vulture, grasping a baby in its talons, on a black field.

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