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"I better get these to Hobb."
Gilly after plucking a bird.[src]

Hobb is a member of the Night's Watch.



Hobb is a steward of the Night's Watch. He serves as the cook of Castle Black.

Season 3

On their way back to the Wall from the mutiny at Craster's Keep, Sam mentions to Gilly that Hobb makes a very tasty venison stew with onions.[1]

Season 4

Hobb prepares to butcher wildlings with his hog-splitter.

While staying at Castle Black, Gilly plucks geese and takes them to Hobb in the kitchens.[2]

Acting Commander Thorne warns Jon Snow that Hobb will serve his direwolf Ghost for supper if the creature isn't locked up.[3]

During the Battle of Castle Black, a small wildling party comes from the south and breaches the walls of the keep, and some of them break into the kitchen. Hobb calmly walks up to the wildlings, still wearing his apron, and lands his hog-splitter into the chest of one of them.[4]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Hobb is also known as Three-Finger Hobb. In the show, he is never identified as such and seems to have all of his fingers.

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