Manservant: "Ji rehéde Síasa Hizdár zo Lóraq píndas me jeré ji Daré.
(The noble Hizdahr zo Loraq begs an audience with the Queen.)
Daenerys Targaryen: "Rehedesíazar Hizdahr zo Loraq sijinot syt ynot vestragon kostas.
(The noble Hizdahr zo Loraq can speak to me himself.)
Daenerys Targaryen dispenses of the manservant[src]
Hizdahr zo Loraq's manservant is a Meereenese man serving the House of Loraq.


He is a Meereenese man serving the House of Loraq. His clothing and lack of collar suggest that he is a free man working as a servant, not a slave, even prior to Daenerys's victory.

Season 4

He's alongside Hizdahr zo Loraq when the Great Masters gather over the walls of Meereen when Daenerys Targaryen and her army appear before the city gates to lay siege to the city.[1]

He later accompanies Hizdahr to petition the Queen on the matter of burying his father's remains. The manservant follows protocol by communicating (in Low Valyrian) with Missandei instead of having Hizdahr and Daenerys actually speak, but the queen has them dispense with the pageantry and orders Hizdahr to to address her directly.[2]


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