"Maynard says here that he issued an annulment for a Prince "Rag-ar" and remarried him to someone else at the same time in a secret ceremony in Dorne."

This High Septon (previously known as Maynard before his ascension as High Septon) served around the time of Robert's Rebellion. During his tenure, he issued an annulment to the marriage of Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Princess Elia Martell and oversaw the secret wedding ceremony of Prince Rhaegar to Lyanna Stark in Dorne. Maynard eventually died as another High Septon had succeeded him.[1]



The man known as Maynard eventually came to be chosen as the High Septon of the Faith of the Seven by the Most Devout around the time of Robert's Rebellion. Shortly before the outbreak of the rebellion, Maynard issued an annulment for the marriage of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Princess Elia Martell, overseeing the secret marriage ceremony of Rhaegar to Lyanna Stark in Dorne.[1] He eventually died as another High Septon was chosen.

Season 7

Gilly reads to Samwell Tarly some information recorded by Maynard, such as the number of steps in the Citadel, the number of windows in the Great Sept of Baelor and his own bowel movements. Samwell finds all of this information useless, though when Gilly reads about the annulment and secret wedding that Maynard performed, neither of them realize its importance.[1]

When Samwell arrives at Winterfell, he meets with Bran Stark, who confides in Sam that Jon Snow is not the son of his father, Eddard Stark, but the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and his aunt Lyanna Stark, and thus is Jon Sand. Samwell reveals High Septon Maynard's annulment of Rhaegar's marriage to Elia Martell to Bran, however, and, knowing of Bran having the power of greensight, urges Bran to look into the past to confirm all of this. Bran uses the sight to watch Maynard wed Rhaegar and Lyanna and learns that they were actually in love with each other. He further discovers that their son is named Aegon Targaryen, and is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, over his aunt Daenerys.[2]


Season Seven appearances
Dragonstone Stormborn The Queen's Justice The Spoils of War
Eastwatch Beyond the Wall The Dragon and the Wolf *
  • Bran's vision

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R.R. Martin, there is no High Septon who is remembered as High Septon Maynard. High Septons abandon whatever names they had before, and thus they have no names and are simply remembered by the time during which they served as the head of the Faith of the Seven. There was, of course, a High Septon during the time of Robert's Rebellion, though like all other High Septons, his name is unknown. There has been no mention of the High Septon around Robert's Rebellion issuing an annulment to Rhaegar and Elia's marriage and remarrying Rhaegar to Lyanna. Rhaegar and Elia already had two children, Rhaenys and Aegon, while Lyanna was betrothed to Robert Baratheon, so it is unclear how an annulment could have been issued if one was.


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