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"Anha chiorikemoon Khali Vezhvena. Khal Savo. Anha shillo memé vassila rhaesheseres m’anhoon qisi. Hash yer ray char astosoris mae? Vos. Yer vo charo mora vosecchi.
(I was the wife of the Great Khal. Khal Savo. I thought he would conquer the world with me at his side. Have you heard the stories about him? No. You haven’t.)
―The High Priestess to Daenerys Targaryen[src]

The High Priestess of the Dosh Khaleen is a Dothraki and widow to Khal Savo.


Season 6

The high priestess is the leader of the dosh khaleen, and presides over Daenerys Targaryen's return to their fold. When Daenerys protests at her forced inclusion amongst the crones, the high priestess is - unexpectedly -somewhat sympathetic. She relates her own history as the khaleesi of Khal Savo, and how she wanted to be at his side as he conquered the world, much like Daenerys wanted to do with Khal Drogo. Eventually, however, Savo was defeated and she joined the dosh khaleen. The high priestess tells Daenerys that this is the best fate for her, but warns her that because Daenrys went out into the world instead of proceeding directly to Vaes Dothrak, her placement with the dosh khaleen is not guaranteed. The khalasars assembling in a few days time must decide her final fate.[1]

As the Khalar vezhven draws closer, the high priestess gives Daenerys a running commentary of the other dosh khaleen. Some dislike Daenerys because she is not Dothraki, but the high priestess dismisses them as idiots; the Dothraki have always mixed with other peoples, and she underlines her point by indicating a Lhazareen khaleen nearby, Ornela. The high priestess later escorts Daenerys into the khalar vezhven for the khals to judge. She later watches in shock as the temple of the dosh khaleen is consumed by flames, and the khals with it. When Daenerys emerges again from the flames, the high priestess is among the last to kneel, but kneel she does.[2]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the dosh khaleen are a ruling group within the Dothraki social hierarchy, specifically the crones who preside over the holy city of Vaes Dothrak. The most prominent member of them mentioned thus far is the one who identified Rhaego as the Stallion who Mounts the World, and was credited as "Dothraki crone" in "A Golden Crown". Though a specific High Priestess has not been singled out, the storyline in which she is involved in the show will not appear in the books until the sixth book in the series, The Winds of Winter, which has not been released yet, so she could appear in that book.