"Ser Damon Morrigen proposed a trial by seven. Ser Damon and six of the Faith Militant against the king and his six champions."
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Ser Harys Horpe was a member of the Faith Militant during the order's revolt against House Targaryen.


HL5 Maegor trial of seven versus Damon Morrigen

Harys Horpe engages in the Trial by Seven of Maegor Targaryen.

Ser Harys was a knight of House Horpe and a devotee of the Faith Militant. When newly-crowned King Maegor Targaryen returned to King's Landing, Ser Damon Morrigen challenged the Faith Militant to a Trial by combat to prove his right to rule. They accepted, and the resulting trial of seven pitted Maegor and six of his Kingsguard against Ser Damon and six other champions of the Faith Militant, among whom was Ser Harys. The tales about the resulting confrontation are many, but by the end, of the fourteen men who entered the field only Maegor was left alive.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Ser Harys Horpe is a member of the Warrior's Sons - one of two military orders that comprises the Faith Militant. In the TV show the Faith Militant is condensed into a single order. Ser Harys, also known as Death's Head Harry, was stationed at the King's Landing chapter of the Warrior's Sons, based in the Sept of Remembrance, in 42 AC. He was killed in the trial by seven between the Warrior's Sons and Maegor Targaryen and his Kingsguard.

Several chronicles of the trial by seven claim that Ser Harys lost an arm to Lord Lucifer Massey. One such account claims that Ser Harys tossed his battle-axe into his remaining hand and buried it between Lucifer's eyes, though others suggest that he simply died.

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