"Harwyn Hoare, born to a king who had a fleet he didn't sail and swords he didn't blood. "
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King Harwyn Hoare was a King of the Isles and the Rivers.


Harwyn was born to King Qhorwyn Hoare, although he had never sailed his father's fleet, nor had he ever fought with his swords. He was unruly and useless to his father, and was sent east to vanish. He raided with pirates and fought with mercenaries in Essos.[1]

When Qhorwyn died, Harwyn returned to the Iron Islands for the Kingsmoot as a candidate. His elder brother Harlan, although under suspicious circumstances, soon fell off his horse and died, and Harwyn was elected without objection. He sailed his father's fleet to Westeros and conquered an area ten times the size of the Iron Islands in the Riverlands. The weak riverlords had not expected a commander skilled at both sea and land warfare, but Harwyn had learned more of war than most of his fellow ironborn from his time in Essos.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Harwyn spent his youth raiding the Stepstones and visiting the Free Cities such as Volantis, Tyrosh, Braavos, and Lys. He was held captive on the Basilisk Isles for two years, served as a sellsword in the Disputed Lands and joined and fought in several battles with the Second Sons.

He was suspected to have caused the death of his older brother Harlan in order the ascend to the Seastone Chair, since their father Qhorwyn died just six days after Harlan. Harwyn invaded the Riverlands, with one hundred ironborn longships landing south of Seagard before traveling to Blue Fork. They defeated a small host led Samwell Rivers at Tumbleton, before besting Lady Agnes Blackwood's army once she was betrayed by Lord Lothar Bracken. Harwyn was impressed by Lady Agnes and offered to allow her to be his salt wife and killed her when she refused.

Harwyn came to blows with the Storm King Arrec Durrandon at the Battle at Fairmarket. With the help of lords like Lothar Bracken and Theo Charlton, Harwyn's forces crushed Arrec's army and ended his rule over the Riverlands. The rivermen initially thought themselves independent and celebrated until Harwyn retained control. Lord Bracken had hoped to be the new River King and rose in rebellion six months later, only to fail and starve to death in a crow cage.

Most of Harwyn's rule was spent suppressing rebellions in the Riverlands. He died in bed with a salt wife at the age of 64 and was succeeded as King of the Isles and the Rivers by his son Halleck Hoare, who was later succeeded by his own son Harren Hoare.

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