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"As an actor, I had to see the story, and his role in it, through his point of view. Otherwise he would just be sneering and screaming all the time. He doesn't see himself as the villain. He's the hero of this story! That's how you have to play it...His is a singular obsession that drives everything: he wants his family's throne back, his birthright. It's like a religion, something he's never questioned. So you can't wink. You have to take it extremely seriously."
―Harry Lloyd on playing Viserys Targaryen[src]

Harry Charles Salusbury Lloyd (born 17 November 1983) is an English actor who has worked in television, film and on stage. He is best known for his recurring role as Will Scarlet in the BBC series Robin Hood and as the villainous Jeremy Baines in two episodes of Doctor Who.

He starred in HBO's Game of Thrones as Viserys Targaryen. He was announced in the role on 19 July 2009.

Lloyd later wrote and starred in a comic web series entitled “Supreme Tweeter” first released on 1 April 2015 which included appearances by Maisie Williams and George R.R. Martin as themselves.[1]


  • Harry Lloyd is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Dickens.[2]
  • Lloyd is the shortest-running starring cast member of the series, with only five appearances.



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