Hammer of waters

A child of the forest summons the hammer of the waters

"Calling on dark magic, the Children raised the sea the land bridge that the First Men had crossed into Dorne. When that failed, the Children brought down the hammer of waters upon the Neck, flooding and transforming it into the bog it is today."
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Hammer of the waters

The Children use the hammer of the waters to drown the First Men.

The ​hammer of the waters ​was a powerful magic used by the Children of the Forest to fight back against the First Men, at the climax of the centuries-long wars between the two races. The devastation it caused transformed the Neck into a collection of bogs and swamps and led to a peace that lasted thousands of years.[1]

In the books


The hammer of the waters transformed the Neck into the swamp it is today.

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the hammer of the waters is a Westerosi legend. The legend says that from Moat Cailin's Children's Tower the greenseers of the Children of the Forest called upon their nameless gods to send down the "hammer of the waters" to break the lands of Westeros in two in a desperate attempt to stop the onslaught of the First Men. The histories say that the crannogmen grew close to the children of the forest in the days when the greenseers tried to bring the hammer of the waters down upon the Neck.

Unlike the shattering of the Arm of Dorne, the attempt on the Neck was unsuccessful. The Children only succeeded in flooding the land, creating bogs and swamps. Why the Children's magic failed them is unknown. However, the cataclysm proved the strength of their power and may have proved instrumental in bringing the First Men to agree to the terms of the Pact that ended hostilities between the two races and marked 4,000 years of friendship between the First Men and the Children.

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