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"These were the faces they wore in life when they were not wearing others."
Jaqen H'ghar[src]

The "Hall of Faces" houses skinned faces of the dead, and is found in a great hall within the House of Black and White. The Faceless Men use the combination of magic spells and faces of the dead to create their different camouflages. Cleansed faces of corpses are skinned and hung to dry within the Hall of Faces.


The Hall of Faces lies within a large, secret chamber. It is created of stone, with large pillars that house the faces of the dead.


Season 5

Upon passing the game of faces, Jaqen H'ghar brings Arya to the Hall of Faces. She realizes her work as an acolyte has prepared the bodies to have their faces skinned.[1]

Season 6

After Arya Stark successfully kills the Waif, she crudely adds the Waif's face to the Hall of Faces, leaving a clear blood trail.