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A map showing the location of Gulltown on the continent of Westeros.

"... Gulltown, the Vale's greatest port."
Petyr Baelish[src]

Gulltown is the largest city in the Vale of Arryn, the region controlled by House Arryn of the Eyrie. The city is located east of the Eyrie and south of Runestone on the east coast of the Vale.[1][2]

After the politically arranged marriage of Lord Jon Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie, and Lysa Arryn upon the outbreak of Robert's Rebellion, Petyr Baelish quickly capitalized on Lysa's former affection for him and persuaded her to have him appointed as controller of customs at Gulltown, the Vale of Arryn's greatest port. He exploited the war to increase the port's income tenfold. Jon Arryn took notice of Baelish, a lowly lord from the Fingers, and when the new and profligate King Robert Baratheon needed a master of coin who could find gold where no one else could, Jon Arryn as the new Hand of the King selected Baelish.[3]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Gulltown is under the control of House Grafton, who stayed loyal to Aerys II during Robert's Rebelion. They were defeated after their lord was killed by Robert Baratheon.

A branch of House Arryn is established at Gulltown but has been shunned by the rest of the family for marrying with rich merchants.


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