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"Greyjoy Rebellion - Robb Stark"[3] is the first short of the second season of Histories & Lore. It is the twenty-fifth short of the series overall. It was released on February 19, 2013 in Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season. It was narrated by Richard Madden as Robb Stark and written by Dave Hill.


Robb Stark tells the story of his father leading the final assault on Pyke that brought an end to Balon Greyjoy's insurrection.[3]


Robb Stark: "Dark wings, dark words." I was only a boy when the raven came to call my father, Lord Eddard Stark, to another war.

Balon Greyjoy had raised the Iron Islands in revolt and burned the Lannister fleet at anchor. King Robert Baratheon again needed his old friend.

My mother, Catelyn, was not happy to lose her lord husband to Robert again. Six years before, he had left her to avenge his father and brother against the Mad King.

But now he had sons and daughters of his own, and, unspoken, another son who was not hers from the last time he went to war. My brother, Jon Snow.

But she knew that in marrying my father, she had married the North. We hold our honor and duty as dear as our own gods. When the time came, my father marched south to restore peace and order to the realm.

My father always told me the Iron Islands were a strange and dangerous place. Its people, the Ironborn, keep neither the Old Gods nor the Seven and despise all honest toil.

Their ancestors ravaged the western shores, raping and slaving and putting it to the torch, and their songs still ring through the halls of the Ironborn while everywhere else they're whispered to wayward children at bedtime.

Perhaps Lord Balon thought Westeros had not healed from the war against the Mad King and was as fragmented and suspicious as the ancient kingdoms his forbears had terrorized.

Robert's navy corrected him at Fair Isle when they smashed the proud Iron Fleet. Robert and my father corrected him at Pyke when they pulled down his towers and breached his walls.

My father never liked to speak of his battles, but, from other men, I learned what transpired.

Thoros of Myr was first through the breach with his flaming sword. Not far behind him was Jorah Mormont of Bear Island, my father's bannerman who earned the knighthood he would later shame, and lords from every corner of the Seven Kingdoms.

All day through every passage of the castle, they fought side by side. My father with our ancestral sword Ice and King Robert with his warhammer against a horde of ax-wielding Ironborn. In the end, Lord Balon bent the knee.

King Robert generously allowed Lord Balon to retain his title and castle. The price of peace was custom. The only son of Balon's to survive his foolish rebellion would be taken as a hostage against future treasons.

My father even volunteered to foster the boy himself, I suspect to make Theon Greyjoy a different man than his father, who would bring honor and duty to the Iron Islands when he returned as heir.

So my mother's silent fear came true, and my father returned with another child. Theon ate with us, played with us, and fought with us.

Once, the great bond between my father and Robert Baratheon united the realm against the Mad King and brought him to justice for his crimes.

Now, another monster sits on the Iron Throne, and another debt of blood is owed my family. Theon is my murdered father's ward; I am my murdered father's son.

Like my father and Robert, bound in blood if not by blood, we are brothers.










Behind the scenes[]

  • This is the first of four shorts on the Greyjoy Rebellion.
  • All three narrators (Robb, Theon, and Stannis) state that the Greyjoy Rebellion occurred six years after Robert's Rebellion. While this is true in the books, it is not true in the TV continuity. The TV series added an extra two years after Robert's Rebellion so that it occurred seventeen years before the narrative begins, instead of fifteen years before as in the books. This was done in order to age-up Daenerys Targaryen, due to censorship and production reasons (other younger characters such as the Stark and Baratheon children were also aged-up to correspond to Daenerys). In the books, the Greyjoy Rebellion occurred six years after Robert's Rebellion and thus nine years before the narrative begins. The TV series has consistently stated that the Greyjoy Rebellion was also nine years before, probably in order to keep Theon's time with the Starks the same. King Robert mentions that it was nine years ago in Season 1, as does Balon Greyjoy at the very start of Season 2 (just as it was about to become ten years).
    • The Greyjoy Rebellion was therefore established to have occurred eight years after Robert's Rebellion in the TV continuity. This Histories & Lore short's statements that it was six years later is therefore a mistake and non-canon, because it contradicts multiple on-screen statements in the live-action TV series' episodes.


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