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"We traced our descent from the Age of Heroes and the legendary Grey King, who took a mermaid to wife and made war upon the Storm God for a thousand years."
Yara Greyjoy[src]

The Grey King fights Nagga

The Grey King, victorious

The Grey King was a legendary ironborn King of the Iron Islands. House Greyjoy of Pyke claims descent from him.[1]


Blessed by the Drowned God, the Grey King was said to have waged war against the Storm God himself for a thousand years and slain Nagga, the first sea dragon, using its bones to build his hall. Legend has it that he also took a mermaid as his wife and lived for a thousand years,[2] stealing fire from the Storm God and carving the first ship from Ygg, a demonic tree that feasted on flesh.[3] After his death, the Storm God tried to erase his memory, but the ironborn still sing songs about him.[2] His 100 sons slaughtered each other until only 16 remained. Unable to overpower one another, they held the first Kingsmoot to elect the strongest as their king.[3]

In the books

The A Song of Ice and Fire novels give more detail about the Grey King's life. He reigned for a thousand years with a mermaid as his wife and plotted his war against the Storm God. He supposedly wore robes of woven seaweed and a tall pale crown made from Nagga's teeth. From Nagga's bones he made his hall, the Grey King's Hall, which he heated with Nagga's living fire. When the Grey King died, the Storm God snuffed out the fire and the sea stole his throne. Only his hall remains.

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