"You forget the Glenmores. You'd be wed to Elaena Glenmore already if not for the war. And her father is no coward."
Elissa Forrester to Rodrik Forrester about seeking the help of Lord Glenmore.[src]

Lord Glenmore is the head of House Glenmore.


Lord Glenmore commands a moderately sized army, and is described by Lady Elissa Forrester as being "no coward". His daughter, Elaena, had been betrothed to Rodrik Forrester before the War of the Five Kings broke out, the reason for the two not already being married. He is protected by the Glenmore Elite Guard, a force of twenty men, led by his son, Arthur Glenmore.

"The Lost Lords"

After Elaena had received word that Rodrik survived the Red Wedding, she quickly set out for Ironrath. However, Lord Glenmore advised her to reconsider the betrothal in light of recent events. Depending on player choice, Rodrik can potentially offer half of the Forresters' ironwood to Lord Glenmore so that his worries may be assuaged.

"Sons of Winter"

Elaena and her brother Arthur Glenmore visit Ironrath, on the grounds to help Rodrik take down Gryff Whitehill, because Lord Ludd Whitehill paid Lord Glenmore a visit at Rillwater Crossing and threatened him and his house with destruction along with the Forresters if he didn't accept a marriage between Gryff and Elaena. Lord Glenmore accepted the deal. He also believes his elite guard is on a ship bound for the Reach, when they are actually with Arthur and Elaena in Ironrath.

Family Tree

Lord Glenmore
Lady Glenmore
Rodrik Tree.png
Rodrik Forrester House-Forrester-Main-Shield.PNG
Elaena Tree.png
Elaena Glenmore
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Arthur Glenmore


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Lord: Lord Glenmore Heir: Elaena Glenmore
Seat: Rillwater Crossing, the Rills Lands: The North
Title(s): Lord of Rillwater Crossing
Current members: Lady Glenmore
Deceased members: Arthur Glenmore
Overlord: House Ryswell
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