A wight giant was a member of the army of the dead and fought in the Battle of Winterfell.



He was killed at some point during the conflict beyond the Wall and resurrected as a wight. Once the Night King breached the Wall with the aid of Viserion, he made his way south into Westeros with the rest of the Army of the Dead.

​​Season 8


The giant is killed by Lyanna Mormont

The giant reached the gate of Winterfell and smashed through it, allowing the Night King and his forces to enter the castle. He encountered Lady Lyanna Mormont, knocking her aside with his arm. As he continued to kill all in his path, Lyanna got to her feet and charged at the giant, who grabbed her and crushed her in his hand. Using what little strength she had left, she stabbed him through the eye with a dragonglass dagger, killing him.[1]


Season Eight appearances
Winterfell A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms The Long Night
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