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"Aggar and Gelmarr! Wex and Urzen! Stygg and Black Lorren!"
Theon lists his comrades.[src]

Gelmarr was an ironborn raider and a member of the Sea Bitch's crew.


Season 2

Gelmarr is present when Theon gives a speech encouraging his crew to resist the Northmen led by Ramsay Snow and to die a glorious death.[1]

After handing Theon over, Gelmarr and the other ironborn are flayed alive by Ramsay and the Bolton soldiers.[2]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Gelmarr's background is the same. He's also known as "Gelmarr the Grim". Gelmarr takes part in the raid of Stony Shore, the assault on Winterfell and the hunt for Bran and Rickon.

Gelmarr, alongside Aggar and Gynir Rednose, takes part, at Theon's orders, in the abduction and killing of the unnamed miller's sons, whose corpses are passed off as Bran's and Rickon's. Gelmarr also kills the kids' mother with one blow of his axe, as she cries to Theon for mercy.

The very night they return from Acorn Water, Gelmarr allegedly tumbles down some steps and breaks his back; Aggar and Gynir are also killed within the next days. Later it is revealed that the three were secretly killed by "Reek" (actually, Ramsay in disguise) at Theon's command, to prevent them from revealing the truth about the slain children; since Theon needs a scapegoat, he falsely accuses Farlen of the killing and executes him.

In A Dance with Dragons, when some men mysteriously die one by one at Winterfell, Theon is reminded of Aggar, Gelmarr, and Gynir.

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