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"Our orders were to track the wildlings. We tracked them. They won't trouble us no more."

Gared was a ranger in the Night's Watch. He was killed by a White Walker while on a ranging north of the Wall.



Gared is a ranger in the Night's Watch. He is an older, more experienced ranger and a capable soldier.

Season 1

Rangers Gared, Ser Waymar Royce and Will depart Castle Black on a ranging beyond the Wall.

Gared, along with Ser Waymar Royce and Will, departs from the Wall to investigate reports of wildlings in the Haunted Forest which lies beyond the Wall. Will, the best scout in the group, goes on a different path to scout.

When Will rejoins the group, he reports about wildling corpses dismembered and arranged in a strange, ritualistic fashion on the ground. Gared insists on returning to Castle Black to report the situation to the Night's Watch but Ser Waymar is unfazed. Instead, he commands the group to go to the site to determine what killed the wildlings. When they reach the site, the bodies have disappeared. Gared sends Will to find the bodies.

While Will scouts around for clues, Gared finds a bloody piece of clothing buried under the snow. He then sees a humanoid figure with glowing blue eyes, a White Walker, arrives and kills Ser Waymar with ease. Gared attempts to escape but is caught and beheaded by the White Walker.[1]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Gared is past fifty and has lost both ears, his left little finger, and three toes to frostbite. His brother died to the frostbite while he were on duty. He has been on the Wall for over forty years. Gared doesn't like his commander Ser Waymar Royce because he flattens him. Gared has watched many insignificant lords come and go at the Wall in his past forty years as a ranger. Gared is a veteran amongst the rangers. He has over one hundred scouting missions beyond the Wall at the Haunted Forest.

Some of Gared and Will's roles have been switched around from the books; in the book it is Gared who escapes and is executed for desertion.

In the book, Theon kicks Gared's severed head and laughs. Jon disapproves of that.

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