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Game of Thrones: Season 8 (Music from the HBO Series) was composed by Ramin Djawadi and released on May 19, 2019. It was preceded by For the Throne (Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones), released a month prior.


Track Title Length
1 "Main Title" 1:51
2 "The Rains of Castamere" 3:44
3 "Arrival at Winterfell" 3:43
4 "Flight of Dragons" 2:51
5 "Heir to the Throne" 2:26
6 "Jenny of Oldstones" 2:30
7 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" 1:59
8 "The Battle of Winterfell" 4:03
9 "The Dead are Already Here" 4:55
10 "Battle for the Skies" 4:13
11 "The Long Night, Pt. 1" 3:42
12 "The Long Night, Pt. 2" 3:47
13 "The Night King" 8:50
14 "Dead Before the Dawn" 4:14
15 "Not Today" 2:21
16 "Farewell" 5:31
17 "Outside the Gates" 4:09
18 "The Bells" 3:44
19 "The Last War" 7:37
20 "Into the Fire" 1:43
21 "For Cersei" 4:24
22 "Believe" 4:24
23 "Stay a Thousand Years" 2:29
24 "Nothing Else Matters" 2:06
25 "Master of War" 4:49
26 "Be with Me" 1:45
27 "The Iron Throne" 5:39
28 "Break the Wheel" 4:29
29 "You Have a Choice" 2:22
30 "The White Book" 2:09
31 "The Last of the Starks" 4:52
32 "A Song of Ice and Fire" 2:11

Themes and leitmotifs[]

A list of the themes and leitmotifs that are introduced in this soundtrack, in order of appearance.


  1. "Main Title": Opening credits.
  2. "The Rains of Castamere": Unused.
  3. "Arrival at Winterfell": Jon and Dany arrive at Winterfell. ("Winterfell")
  4. "Flight of Dragons": Jon and Dany ride Rhaegal and Drogon respectively. ("Winterfell")
  5. "Heir to the Throne": Jon finds out about his parentage. ("Winterfell")
  6. "Jenny of Oldstones": Unused instrumental version of Pod's singing. ("A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms")
  7. "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms": Jaime knights Brienne. ("A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms")
  8. "The Battle of Winterfell": Dothraki charge into the army of the dead. ("The Long Night")
  9. "The Dead are Already Here": Melisandre lights the trench. ("The Long Night")
  10. "Battle for the Skies": The dragons fight above Winterfell. ("The Long Night")
  11. "The Long Night, Pt. 1": Arya fights wights, Sandor panics, Lyanna slays a wight giant. ("The Long Night")
  12. "The Long Night, Pt. 2": Jorah and Dany fight wights. ("The Long Night")
  13. "The Night King": The Night King approaches Bran. ("The Long Night")
  14. "Dead Before the Dawn": The White Walkers are defeated. ("The Long Night")
  15. "Not Today": End credits of "The Long Night".
  16. "Farewell": Mass funeral at Winterfell. ("The Last of the Starks")
  17. "Outside the Gates": Parley at the gates of King's Landing. ("The Last of the Starks")
  18. "The Bells": Arya and Sandor approach the Red Keep. ("The Bells")
  19. "The Last War": The Targaryens attack King's Landing. ("The Bells")
  20. "Into the Fire": Sandor tackles Gregor into a fiery chasm. ("The Bells")
  21. "For Cersei": Cersei and Jaime's death, end credits. ("The Bells")
  22. "Believe": Arya wakes up. ("The Bells")
  23. "Stay a Thousand Years": Unused. A rendition of "Truth".
  24. "Nothing Else Matters": Tyrion finds the corpses of Jaime and Cersei. ("The Iron Throne")
  25. "Master of War": Dany's speech to her armies, Dany approaches the Iron Throne. ("The Iron Throne")
  26. "Be with Me": Dany is assassinated. ("The Iron Throne")
  27. "The Iron Throne": The Iron Throne is melted. ("The Iron Throne")
  28. "Break the Wheel": The Great Council. ("The Iron Throne")
  29. "You Have a Choice": Jon leaves King's Landing. ("The Iron Throne")
  30. "The White Book": Brienne finishes Jaime's entry in The Book of Brothers. ("The Iron Throne")
  31. "The Last of the Starks": Jon arrives at Castle Black, Sansa is crowned Queen in the North, Arya sails across the Sunset Sea. ("The Iron Throne")
  32. "A Song of Ice and Fire": Jon takes the wildlings north of the Wall. ("The Iron Throne")



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