Game of Thrones: Music from the HBO Series - Season 8 was composed by Ramin Djawadi and released on May 19, 2019. It was preceded by For the Throne: Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones, released a month prior.

Track list

Track Number Track Title Track Length
1. Main Title 1:51
2. The Rains of Castamere 3:44
3. Arrival at Winterfell 3:43
4. Flight of Dragons 2:51
5. Heir to the Throne 2:26
6. Jenny of Oldstones 2:30
7. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms 1:59
8. The Battle of Winterfell 4:03
9. The Dead are Already Here 4:55
10. Battle for the Skies 4:13
11. The Long Night, Pt. 1 3:42
12. The Long Night, Pt. 2 3:47
13. The Night King 8:50
14. Dead Before the Dawn 4:14
15. Not Today 2:21
16. Farewell 5:31
17. Outside the Gates 4:09
18. The Bells 3:44
19. The Last War 7:37
20. Into the Fire 1:43
21. For Cersei 4:24
22. Believe 4:24
23. Stay a Thousand Years 2:29
24. Nothing Else Matters 2:06
25. Master of War 4:49
26. Be with Me 1:45
27. The Iron Throne 5:39
28. Break the Wheel 4:29
29. You Have a Choice 2:22
30. The White Book 2:09
31. The Last of the Starks 4:52
32. A Song of Ice and Fire 2:11

Themes & Motifs Introduced

Where These Tracks Appear

  1. "Main Title": Opening credits.
  2. "The Rains of Castamere": Unused.
  3. "Arrival at Winterfell": Jon and Dany arrive at Winterfell.
  4. "Flight of Dragons": Jon and Dany ride Rhaegal and Drogon respectively.
  5. "Heir to the Throne": Jon finds out about his parentage.
  6. "Jenny of Oldstones": Instrumental version of Pod's singing.
  7. "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms": Jaime knights Brienne.
  8. "The Battle of Winterfell": Dothraki charge into the army of the dead.
  9. "The Dead are Already Here": Melisandre lights the trench.
  10. "Battle for the Skies": The dragons fight above Winterfell.
  11. "The Long Night, Pt. 1": Arya fights wights, Sandor panics, Lyanna slays a wight giant.
  12. "The Long Night, Pt. 2": Jorah and Dany fight wights.
  13. "The Night King": The Night King approaches Bran.
  14. "Dead Before the Dawn": The White Walkers are defeated.
  15. "Not Today": Unused.
  16. "Farewell": Mass funeral at Winterfell.
  17. "Outside the Gates": Parley at the gates of King's Landing.
  18. "The Bells": Arya and Sandor approach the Red Keep.
  19. "The Last War": The Targaryens attack King's Landing.
  20. "Into the Fire": Sandor tackles Gregor into a fiery chasm.
  21. "For Cersei": Cersei and Jaime's death, end credits.
  22. "Believe": Arya wakes up.
  23. "Stay a Thousand Years": Unused.
  24. "Nothing Else Matters": Tyrion finds the corpses of Jaime and Cersei.
  25. "Master of War": Dany's speech to her armies, Dany approaches the Iron Throne.
  26. "Be with Me": Dany is assassinated.
  27. "The Iron Throne": The Iron Throne is melted.
  28. "Break the Wheel": The Great Council.
  29. "You Have a Choice": Jon leaves King's Landing.
  30. "The White Book": Brienne finishes Jaime's entry in The Book of Brothers.
  31. "The Last of the Starks": Jon arrives at Castle Black, Sansa is crowned Queen in the North, Arya sails across the Sunset Sea.
  32. "A Song of Ice and Fire": Jon takes the wildlings north of the Wall.

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