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My wife and I are going through the show now. We're currently in the 4th season. She has read the books and I have not, so she's enjoyed reading about the differences after each episode, and since I have no plans of reading the books in the immediate future, she reads them to me. Recently though, there have been huge spoilers in the posts about differences between some episodes.

    • SPOILER** I'm specifically referring to a reference to The Hound potentially dying later in the season, and something about Tyrion killing his father.

​I've really enjoyed this website so far, but this is incredibly annoying and I don't have any plans to come back to this page because of it. There should be some kind of spoiler tag or something to keep from having future plot ruined.

...We're more geared towards TV-first viewers, though the Admins have read the books. The entire idea behind the "Differences between books and TV episodes" season by season pages is that they include full book spoilers.
With that in mind, we were never particularly concerned about "reverse-spoilers" for book-first readers who then watch the TV series. If anything we'd straightforward say "they condensed this subplot".
That being said I've generally given free rein to the "Differences between books and TV series" pages, with little oversight, because they can get so voluminous (it distracts those who need to obsess about such fine details).
Wait a minute: Your wife has read the books, but you have not? Those are two entirely different groups of fans. The "Differences between books and TV series" pages tacitly assume that you've read the books first and they give full spoilers through the most current novel. The Episode Guide articles, in contrast, we try to keep as spoiler-free as possible.
No, if you have not read the books you should not read the "Differences between books and TV series" pages. That seems obvious.
I mean, wow. As a thought experiment....what the heck did you think you were going to read, in a page marked "differences between books and TV series"? They don't always cut out fluff from the books, sometimes they cut out major elements which we really need to point out.
No, wait, stop everything. Your wife was reading the pages TO you. She knew you haven't read the books....she was acting act a "filter"! You did not just stumble onto a sentence saying "Tyrion kills his father" -- your wife read it, then CHOSE TO REPEAT IT TO YOU.
This complaint is asinine. I'm permanently banning your IP address. You should be ashamed of yourself.--The Dragon Demands (talk) 05:11, July 17, 2014 (UTC)
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