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Myra Castle

Myra Castle, the exterior for Ashford Castle.


A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms returned to the old Game of Thrones studio in Belfast, Titanic Studios, for interior sets, while House of the Dragon is filmed at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden in Watford, England.[1]

United Kingdom[]

Northern Ireland[]

Ashford is portrayed by Myra Castle near Downpatrick, County Down. It is also used for scenes set in Flea Bottom, King's Landing. Previously, Myra Castle was used as the exterior for the Dreadfort in Game of Thrones.[1]

A location on the Glenarm Castle estate, in County Antrim, portrays Ashford Meadow.[1]

The Tollymore Forest Park will be used for scenes set in the Crownlands. It was previously used to film the introduction of the direwolves in "Winter Is Coming," the first episode of Game of Thrones.[1]


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