"Ironborn warriors will cry out our names as they leap onto the shores of Seagard and Faircastle!"
Theon Greyjoy[src]
Faircastle Pin

A map showing the location of Faircastle off the continent of Westeros.

Faircastle is a castle in the Westerlands, the region controlled by House Lannister of Casterly Rock. The castle is located on Fair Isle, an island on the Sunset Sea located north of Casterly Rock.[1]

In the books

In A Song of Ice and Fire, Faircastle is the seat of House Farman and is located on Fair Isle, just off the coast of the Westerlands. In the past it has suffered raids from the ironborn. During the reign of King Aerys I, the Ironborn sacked the island and stole half of its wealth. Later, during the Greyjoy Rebellion, Lord Stannis Baratheon led the Royal Fleet in engaging the ironborn off Fair Isle. Stannis lured the Iron Fleet into the strait between Fair Isle and the mainland and then hit it from both sides, virtually destroying the ironborn force. During the battle, Aeron Greyjoy, Balon's younger brother, was forced overboard and was rescued by seamen on the Fury, Stannis's flagship. The Battle of Fair Isle was vital as it allowed King Robert Baratheon and his army to land on Pyke and storm it, ending the rebellion.

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