"This house is doomed! We all fucking know it! Argh!"
―Erik attempting to convince the crowd to turn against Ethan Forrester, before getting beaten by Royland Degore.

Erik was a soldier for House Forrester who was caught stealing some weapons in Ironrath. Consequently, he is brought before Ethan Forrester to be judged, and his fate subsequently after will be determined by the player.


"Iron From Ice"

Erik was caught stealing weapons by Ser Royland Degore and brought to Ethan to be judged, Ethan has three options: he can remove three fingers the same way his father punished thieves, sent to join the Night's Watch or he can be freed and given food. If it's the last choice Erik is grateful but Ethan's advisers worry that it will lead to more like him. If one of the former two is chosen Erik is horrified but Ethan's advisers are satisfied.

"The Lost Lords"

If Erik was sent to the Wall then Gared Tuttle can find and speak to him there where Erik is extremely bitter about his situation and very angry with the Forresters, he wishes he could have had his fingers removed instead as he would have at least been able to go home afterwards.

"The Sword in the Darkness"

If Erik was sent to the Wall then he is briefly seen in this episode where he is assigned to be a steward.

"Sons of Winter"

If Erik was sent to the Wall in Iron From Ice, he is briefly seen while Britt's body is burned.

"The Ice Dragon"

If Erik was shown mercy by Ethan, he appears as a Forrester man-at-arms and accompanies Asher or Rodrik to meet Ludd Whitehill at the gates of Ironrath.

Later, if Bowen was left behind, Asher was saved, and if Elissa Forrester & Ludd Whitehill succumbed to the poison, then Erik will stab Harys on the back in a manner of protecting Asher but is fatally stabbed by Harys.


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