"But his third wife couldn't give him a child either. Desperate to cement his stolen throne with an heir, Maegor took three wives at once, known as the Black Brides because each were women he'd widowed in his wars. All three women grew full with child in time, but each gave birth to the same twisted monstrosities as his second wife. One need not be a maester, much less a Grand Maester, to deduce the common thread here. "

Queen Elinor Costayne was a member of House Costayne and wife of Maegor Targaryen, one of the three "Black Brides".


King Maegor married Elinor out of desperation for an heir, after failing to produce one with his first three wives, choosing her because she was of proven fertility. Her late husband was at some point killed by Maegor. However, she still miscarried just like the others.[1]

In the books

In The World of Ice & Fire and Fire & Blood, Elinor Costayne's husband Theo Bolling was executed, accused of conspiring with Queen Alyssa Velaryon to place Prince Jaehaerys on the Iron Throne. After seven days of mourning, she was forced to marry King Maegor.

After King Maegor's death, Elinor became a septa and Mother of the Great Motherhouse of Lannisport.

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