"In the Stormlands, according to ballads of the age, a man named Durran fell in love with Elenei, whose father was god of the sea and mother was goddess of the wind. She gave her maidenhead to him, committing herself to a mortal life."
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Elenei was daughter of the sea god and the wind goddess. She fell in love with a mortal man named Durran, who took her as his wife. By giving up her maidenhead to him, Elenei became mortal, while Durran earned the hatred of Elenei's parents.

Elenei, daughter of the gods, fell in love with Durran, a mortal man.



Elenei became the mortal queen of Durran, the first Storm King.

In their rage, the gods sent a storm to destroy Durran's keep over Shipbreaker Bay. Declaring war against them, Durran built a new castle, larger and more formidable than the previous one, though this one too was destroyed by the divine storms.

Four more keeps Durran built and lost to the fury of the gods. Finally, the seventh castle, which Durran built with the aid of Bran the Builder, withstood the rage of the Elenei's parents and became known as Storm's End, while Durran earned the nickname of "Durran's Godsgrief."[1][2]

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