Meryn Trant: "Are you trying to deceive your queen? Shall I throw them in a cell, your Grace?"
Cersei Lannister: "That won't be necessary, Ser Meryn. I don't want to dissuade the other hunters. Mistakes will be made."
Hunters: "Thank you, your Grace. Thanks. Thank you, your Grace. Thank you."
— Hunters thank Cersei Lannister for her mercy.[src]

A dwarf hunter and his comrade hunt for Tyrion Lannister when a price is placed on his head.


Season 5

He and his comrade hunt for Tyrion Lannister when a price is placed on his head. They mistake another dwarf for Tyrion and kill him, bring his head before Queen Cersei Lannister. She reveals that the head is not Tyrion's, and Ser Meryn Trant accuses them of trying to deceive their queen and offers to throw them in a cell. Cersei advises against it, as she does not wish to disuade the other hunters. Both men thank her for her mercy and she orders them to take the head with them, before Qyburn suggests that he keep the head as it may be useful for his work.[1]


Season Five appearances
The Wars To Come The House of Black and White High Sparrow Sons of the Harpy Kill the Boy
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken The Gift Hardhome The Dance of Dragons Mother’s Mercy

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Cersei is presented with the head of a different dwarf, whom Brienne met on the road in the Riverlands.

Many other dwarf heads are also presented to Cersei off-screen, however, one of which is indeed from one of the dwarfs who performed at the Purple Wedding. The actor-dwarf's name is Oppo. He is killed by sailors from Westeros who spot him in Volantis and mistake him for Tyrion.


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