"Who would pass the Bloody Gate?"
―Donnel Waynwood's question to people wishing to pass the Bloody Gate.[src]

Ser Donnel Waynwood is a knight of House Waynwood and serves House Arryn as the Knight of the Gate, commander of the Bloody Gate.



Ser Donnel is a son of Lady Anya Waynwood, the current head of House Waynwood.

Season 4

Ser Donnel is at the Gate when Lord Petyr Baelish and Sansa Stark arrive. Littlefinger introduces Sansa as his niece, Alayne. Donnel believes him and lets them pass.[1]

When Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark reaches the Bloody Gate and Donnel orders them to stop, Sandor tells him who they are expecting ransom for reuniting Arya with her aunt Lysa Arryn. After Donnel explains that Lysa died three days ago, Sandor is left in shock while Arya bursts out in laughter, because of the irony.[2]


Season Four appearances
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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Ser Donnel Waynwood is described as being a stocky man of twenty, with a wide nose and thick brown hair. Donnel is the second of Lady Anya's three sons: Morton, Donnel, and Wallace. He serves at the Bloody Gate and leads the sortie that saves Catelyn Stark and her retinue from the Mountain clans at the Mountains of the Moon. After Ser Brynden Tully departs with his niece Catelyn, Donnel later replaces him as the new Knight of the Gate.

Later at the Bloody Gate, Lady Anya introduces her grandson Ser Roland Waynwood, a muscular man about 25 years old, as well as her youngest son Wallace, who is identified as Roland's uncle. It isn't clear if Roland is Morton's son or Donnel's son.

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