Common domesticated dogs are found throughout Westeros and Essos. Their larger relatives include wolves and direwolves.

Hunting dogs are used throughout the world to help their masters track down wild game or fugitives. Wealthy nobles often employ a kennelmaster whose task is to look after the hunting hounds and oversee their training and well being.

The men of the Frozen Shore employ chariots made of walrus bone pulled by dogs.[1]

Notable dogs

Ramsay's girl1

One of the Bastard's girls.

  • Bastard's girls - a pack of hunting dogs owned by Ramsay Snow, at the Dreadfort in the North. Ramsay has trained them to help him hunt the most dangerous game: he sets women loose in the forests around the castle, then tracks and kills them for sport.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels there are dogs throughout the known world. Dothraki khalasars are constantly followed by packs of feral dogs who feed on the corpses left behind by them. Meanwhile, the dogs bred by the men of the Frozen Shore to pull their bone chariots are said to be as big as direwolves.