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Wiki of Westeros

The following is a list of differences between House of the Dragon: Season 2 and Fire & Blood, the book from which it is adapted.

Unlike Game of Thrones, this TV series is based on a series of prequel novellas (collected in Fire & Blood) which are written as in-universe history books, not fully narrativized; as such they are outlines, and the TV series will have to fill in many details that simply were not present in the source material. Such inventions may not explicitly contradict the source material, but they will be noted.

General differences[]


  • The royal standard of Aegon II is a golden three-headed dragon breathing golden flames on a black field. In the TV series, the field is green and the dragon is not breathing flames.
  • The lamb of House Stokeworth is not specified as regardant, therefore it is implicit that it faces left, as is default.

Differences by episode[]

"A Son for a Son"[]

  • Queen Alysanne was hosted by Lord Alaric Stark, not by Rickon Stark. Also, King Jaehaerys did not come with her.
  • Queen Alysanne's dragon, Silverwing, is the only dragon mentioned that would not fly past the wall. Jaehaerys never tried with Vermithor (he was not present in the north at the time, having stayed in King's Landing to help mediate a dispute between the Archon of Tyrosh and the Prince of Pentos).
  • Rhaenyra did not go to the Stormlands to search for Luke's remains.
  • In the books, it was Arrax's severed head and neck that washed ashore near Storm's End, not one of his wings.
  • In the books, Otto never publicly or privately praised Aemond's actions above Shipbreaker Bay. Instead, he berated Aemond, shouting "You only lost one eye. How could you be so blind?", aware that Aemond's murder of Lucerys had destroyed any possibility of the Blacks accepting a peaceful resolution.
  • It is Jace, not Daemon, who referred to Vhagar as a "hoary old bitch."
  • Alyn and Addam of Hull did not work for the Velaryon fleet, but served on their mother's trading cog. Alyn did not save Corlys's life during the War for the Stepstones, which ended the same year he was born.
  • Alyn is described to have a silvery hair and purple eyes.
  • Floris Baratheon was not betrothed to Aemond, but to Larys Strong.
  • There is no mention that Alicent sent apology letters to Rhaenyra.
  • There is no character in the books named Jerard.
  • Grover Tully is not described as fat.
  • There is no mention or insinuation of Alicent and Criston Cole being in a sexual relationship.
  • Hugh lived on Dragonstone, not in King's Landing.
  • There is no indication that Larys Strong convinced Aegon to dismiss Otto as Hand of the King.
  • Jeyne Arryn asking for a dragon to guard the Vale in exchange for her allegiance is one of two possibilities presented, being from Grand Maester Munkun's True Telling. Munkun's account is generally considered to be more reliable than the other, from the testimony of the fool Mushroom, who claims that Lady Arryn offered Jace her allegiance if he could bring her to climax with his tongue.
  • Alicent's mother is never named in the books.
  • Daemon did not order Rhaenys to go with him to kill Vhagar.
  • Blood was not presently a member of the City Watch during the Dance of the Dragons. He had been dismissed from the Watch after beating a whore to death in a drunken rage.
  • There is no mention that Blood had a personal vendetta against House Hightower, nor that Cheese was motivated by the prospect of paying off his gambling debts.
  • Daemon did not personally hire Blood and Cheese to perform the assassination, but via a middleperson, a pale foreign woman who turned to be Mysaria.
  • Mysaria did not leave King's Landing, and was not arrested by Daemon or anyone else.
  • Blood did not use violence against Cheese.
  • By this point in the story, Aegon and Helaena had two sons, not just one. The younger, Maelor, was also present at the assassination of his older brother Jaehaerys, along with Jaehaera, Helaena, and Alicent. Blood and Cheese bound and gagged Alicent (along with killing one of her maids, to prevent the alarm being raised, and the queen's guard) and held her and Helaena's children hostage, forcing Helaena to choose a son to be killed. As she hesitated, Cheese warned her that Blood might grow bored and rape Jaehaera. Weeping, Helaena chose Maelor, reasoning that he would be too young to understand what was happening (or maybe because Jaehaerys was King Aegon's firstborn son and heir). Cheese then mocked Maelor, telling him his mother wanted him dead, and grinned at Blood, who proceeded to cut off Jaehaerys's head with a single blow of his sword. The pair then fled with Jaehaerys's head, while Helaena screamed.
  • Helaena did not try to bribe the assassins; instead, she pleaded them to kill her instead, but they refused.
  • The books do not mention how old Erryk and Arryk Cargyll were when they joined the Kingsguard.
  • There is no mention in the books that Torrhen Stark, or anyone else, initiated a tradition of offering one in ten men from the Starks' household to the Watch.
  • Torrhen Stark bent his knee to Aegon the Conqueror not because he believed Aegon could unite the seven kingdoms, but because he received reports about Aegon's victories (particularly the Burning of Harrenhal and the Field of Fire) and decided it would be fruitless to fight the Targaryens.
  • The meeting between Aegon the Conqueror and Torrhen Stark, during which the latter bent his knee to the former, did not take place at the Wall but on the south bank of the Trident.
  • There is no mention in the books that Cheese had a dog.

"Rhaenyra the Cruel"[]

  • Blood endured thirteen days of torture in the Red Keep, and never mentioned his accomplice or that they'd been hired by Daemon, telling his torturers only that he'd been hired by a woman matching Mysaria's description and that he'd been taking Jaehaerys's head to Harrenhal, in hopes of getting a bigger reward from Daemon.
  • There is no mention of King Aegon II personally executing Blood. By all accounts, he was simply tortured to death.
  • Alicent's reaction to Jaehaerys's murder was rage, not grief. She ordered Larys to find out the names of Blood's wife and children so she could have them killed in retaliation, but the book sources do not say if this occurred.
  • In Fire & Blood, Cheese escaped capture despite an extensive manhunt by the gold cloaks. His historical fate is not recorded.
  • Ulf had pale white hair, not grey, and was therefore known as "Ulf White" or "Ulf the White." Furthermore, he was from Dragonstone, not King's Landing.
  • Rhaenyra was never referred to as a kinslayer; Aemond was.
  • There is no mention that Rhaenyra expressed sorrow for Jaehaerys's death, nor that she chided Daemon for the murder (it is unclear if she knew he had hired the assassins).
  • Otto's dismissal as Hand of the King took place in the throne room, not Aegon's private chambers. Alicent was also present, and tried to defend her father's record of loyal service, but Aegon refused to be swayed.
  • In Fire & Blood, Otto was dismissed as Hand not for berating Aegon for his impromptu mass execution of the Red Keep's rat catchers, but for several other diplomatic failures Aegon held him responsible for: a spate of pro-Rhaenyra rebellions by noble houses in the Reach (including Houses Beesbury, Tarly, and Caswell); Prince Qoren Martell and Lord Dalton Greyjoy rejecting the Greens' offers of alliance; and Otto's failure to swiftly form an alliance with the Triarchy to provide naval support to break the Velaryon fleet's blockade of the Gullet.
  • In Fire & Blood, Otto did not remove and throw his chain of office at Aegon's feet; Aegon tore it from Otto's neck and tossed it to Criston Cole.
  • In Fire & Blood, Otto never returned to Oldtown after being dismissed as Hand of the King, nor ever implied he intended to mentor Prince Daeron as a potential heir to Aegon. He reportedly remained in King's Landing.
  • Aemond never showed any remorse, privately or publicly, for his killing of Lucerys.
  • In Fire & Blood, Rhaenyra and Mysaria did not meet in person until later in the war. At the time, Mysaria had gone into hiding in King's Landing after Blood identified her as the woman who hired him. Rhaenyra did not send her anywhere.
  • There is no mention that Mysaria is scarred.
  • Rhaenyra never sent Baela and Moondancer to spy on King's Landing in Fire & Blood as Baela was only 13 at the time and Moondancer was a juvenile dragon still too small to ride. Both remained on Dragonstone until near the end of the Dance.
  • In Fire & Blood, it is debated whether Rhaenyra, Jacaerys, or Joffrey were Arryk Cargyll's intended target for assassination.
  • Neither Mysaria not anyone else noticed Arryk, but until he confronted his brother.
  • Accounts differ as to the nature of Arryk and Erryk's final battle. According to the singers, when the brothers encountered one another, they professed their love one another as they drew swords, dueled for almost an hour, fatally injured one another in the same moment and died in one another's arms. According to the fool Mushroom's testimony, the duel lasted only moments with both brothers cursing the other as a traitor. Erryk cut off Arryk's sword arm at the shoulder, and Arryk grabbed Erryk's cloak, pulled him close and drove a dagger into his belly. Arryk bled to death before guards arrived, while Erryk died four days later, despite Maester Gerardys's efforts to save him, during which time he alternated between screaming in pain and cursing his brother.
  • Addam is described to have a silvery hair and purple eyes.

"The Burning Mill"[]

"The Red Dragon and the Gold"[]

  • Neither Aemond nor Aegon are mentioned to have learned High Valyrian, nor Aemond to have shamed Aegon before the small council.
  • Aemond did not attempt to get Aegon II killed during the Battle at Rook's Rest, either by delaying Vhagar or otherwise.
  • Aegon II did not join the battle unexpectedly. He and Aemond waited with their dragons for the right moment, then attacked Meleys simultaneously, thus all three dragons got entangled, then crashed on the ground.
  • Gwayne Hightower was not present at the Battle at Rook's Rest.
  • Rhaenys never encountered Alyn of Hull: Corlys deliberately kept Alyn and his brother Addam out of Rhaenys's sight to avoid enraging her.
  • In Fire & Blood, Lord Grover Tully's grandson was Elmo, not Oscar (who was his great-grandson). Grover wished to declare for the Greens, but with the uncertain state of the war, Elmo declared his refusal to let House Tully die for the sake of his grandfather's decision and kept House Tully neutral in the early stages of the Dance. Grover was furious, but too ill to override his grandson's decision.
  • No regent for Lord Benjicot Blackwood is mentioned in Fire & Blood.
  • There is no mention that Alicent got pregnant by anyone except Viserys, nor that she ever used moon tea.
  • There is no mention that moon tea has unwanted side effects.
  • Oscar and Daemon did not meet personally.
  • Rhaenys was killed by Vhagar's fire while still in the air, not by the fall.
  • Rhaenyra was absent from the war council due to her grief over Lucerys's death.
  • The conversation between Daemon and Alys Rivers does not occur in the book.
  • Daemon did not have any nightmares during his stay at Harrenhal.


  • The raid of the Blackwoods on the Brackens' lands occurred before the Battle of the Burning Mill, not afterwards.
  • The Freys joined Daemon without posing any demands.
  • Neither Aemond nor Alicent nominated themselves as a regent. Ser Criston nominated Aemond, and no one objected.