"And when at last she died her eldest child succeeded her; her daughter, not her son, and Dorne followed her because Nymeria had proven that women were equal to men, if not better."
Ellaria Sand[src]

The unnamed son of Nymeria and Davos Dayne was the son of the warrior-queen Nymeria and Davos Dayne.


After defeating his grandfather Vorian Dayne and sending him to the Wall, Nymeria took Davos as her second husband and together they had a son.[1] However, in accordance with Rhoynish custom, the title of Princess of Dorne passed to Nymeria's daughter by her first husband Mors Martell.[2] This son presumably inherited his father's name and titles and furthered the family line that included Ser Joffrey Dayne, Queen Dyanna Dayne, and Ser Arthur Dayne, all of whom would play just as important role in Dorne as their relatives in House Martell.[1]


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Seat: Starfall Lands: Dorne
Title(s): Lord of Starfall
Ancestors:King Vorian Dayne · Princess Nymeria · Davos Dayne · Son of Davos · Joffrey Dayne
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